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Balinese Retreat in the Middle of Alex

  Just like Bali, the best retreats are hidden from the street.  4 bedrooms, Study, 3 bathrooms, two living areas on a rare 1062 sqm of land, there is plenty of space to lose yourself here. Enjoy the serenity in Alexandra Headland just a stroll to the beach. The FEEL of this house is what will amaze you.  If space and tranquillity is what you seek, here is your home To enquire send an email to [email protected]

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HOT AUCTION Buderim Designer Home, Live above the Trees.

Nestled in an elevated position in a leafy quiet cul-de-sac on the south-eastern side of Buderim, is this gorgeous contemporary home, less than two years old. This truly stunning home has been cleverly built to create an overwhelming feeling of indoor/outdoor living throughout, with tasteful use of breezeways, extensive use of glass, including louvres to invite in the cooling breezes and showcase the peaceful bush setting.

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Tips on Buying at Auction

Information Provided by Jason Andrew Auctioneers and the REIQ. Buying at auction You need to prepare before buying at auction. It is a good idea to go to a few auctions first to see how they work.  Under the media tab on this website, you can also watch a few auctions recorded live. The terms of a residential auction sale usually require the buyer to bid on an unconditional basis. The real estate agent can give you a copy of the terms and conditions before the auction date.  Remember when buying at auction there is no cooling-off period and you will be required to pay a deposit immediately.   You need to view the property and do all the necessary checks before bidding. Getting an independent professional valuation is also a good idea. If you are the successful bidder at the auction, you will have to settle the contract even if the house is defective or you can’t get finance on it. The terms of a residential auction sale usually require the buyer to bid on an unconditional basis. This means you cannot have any special conditions such as subject to finance or subject to the completion of another sale.  If you do require finance from the bank, let them know you are bidding on an auction so that they can give you certainty on financing if you are the successful bidder. Before the auction Registering early will save you the trouble of registering on auction day.  You can also [...]

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How to Prepare a Property for Sale and Make More Money

The preparation of your property is the door way to achieving a great price.  An attention to detail and a strategic approach will position you ahead of the competition.  Being a Registered Architect as well as a Sales Agent, Mark McGill has expertise in many areas of style, design, decor, presentation and building maintenance matched with an understanding of what buyers are seeking in a property. The first step prior to any renovations or preparation is to arrange a consultation with Mark (which is also free!) to discuss which of the suggestions if any, are essential, optimal or unnecessary before committing to too much expense. Almost 85% of the impact on a buyer is the presentation of the property.  When surveying successful buyers after purchasing a property, many buyers used the words "they like the feel" when describing a home.  It is important for the buyer to have the right "feel" about your place, because once a buyer is emotionally attached to your home, it makes it more difficult for them to argue against your pricing. Selling a property in today's market isn't as simple as putting a listing on the internet and waiting for the buyers to roll in.  The buyer today has access to more information than ever before, and expects more value for their dollar when purchasing a property.  With so many properties to choose from in the marketplace today, it is essential that you do everything possible to make your property sit number 1 on the [...]

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Why Buyers Miss Out on their Dream Home

The most common reasons people miss out on their dream home. Working in the business of helping people move, I regularly come across disappointed buyers who failed to secure the home of their dreams.  If you are thinking of moving, there are 4 Common traps to avoid to reduce the risk of losing another property to another buyers. 1. Waiting until they've found the perfect home before placing their own home on the market for sale. Unless you are prepare to run the risk of having to take out expensive bridging finance, it is important to be ready to buy if you're serious about securing the perfect home.  This means having your own home inspected by your agent and a plan in place so you will have ready access to the open market place for instant activity. 2. Procrastinating and Over shopping some people have a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to making a decision.  They will say something like. "We love it! But we'd better keep looking just in case there is something even better out there."  Unfortunately these people often miss out on the property they love because they've failed to make a decision before another buyer comes along and secures it and takes it off the market. 3. Failing to Secure Finance. Shopping around for finance (especially these days when there is so much competition between lenders) and obtaining finance approval can take time to organise.  Some people are also disappointed to learn that they aren't [...]

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How Building and Pest Inspections Put You in Control

When it comes to building and pest inspections, most people assume they are only relevant to purchasers who generally have them conducted as part of the contract conditional process.  But having your home inspected for structural and termite damage can be highly advantageous if you are selling also. Why? Because it gives you control over the selling and negotiation process.  If no issues are found, you will have peace of mind knowing the purchaser won't be able to use any problems as a means to negotiate the price down.  And if an issue is found, you can take action to resolve it before your home is listed for sale. Forewarned is Forearmed We have spoken to many reputable building and pest inspectors to learn more about the process.  What we discovered is that there is quite a bit of concern over the inspection process, particularly from sellers who fear finding a problem could be a deal breaker for their sale.  Contrary to this, the inspectors have told us there is no need to panic and most things are fixable.  When it comes to structural or termite damage, ignorance is definitely not bliss.  Hidden Problems can only be identified by a licensed professional. Even if you property appears to be structurally sound and there is no visible indication that termites are present, there could be hidden problems lurking in the foundations, roof, plumbing or walls that only a professional can identify.  And while many buyers will still insist on having their [...]

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Dealing with Divorce

Dealing with the Challenges of a relationship breakdown? Every year almost 50,000 marriages in Australia end in divorce. Below is a transcript from an audio CD called" dealing with divorce. If you would prefer to listen to a copy, simply email [email protected] and a copy can be sent to you. So where do you start? The future definitely belongs to the prepared. A leading Australian family law solicitor, Geoff Brazel from Brazel Moore Family Lawyers in Gosford, has come to the rescue. In this booklet, Geoff answers the most commonly asked questions about divorce, defacto relationships, property, children, court proceedings, costs and Wills. Geoff has been in legal practice since 1979, and says, “The law is full of mystery. People are often very afraid of going to see a lawyer to seek out advice. There are lots of bush lawyers around and my advice to anyone would be to get proper advice about your own particular situation rather than relying on general advice from friends or relatives”. The advice provided here is general in nature and is intended as a broad guide. The advice should not be regarded as legal, financial or real estate advice. You should make your own inquiries and obtain independent professional advice tailored to your specific circumstances before making any legal, financial or real estate decisions. The legal framework for divorce Since the introduction of the Act in 1975, there is no longer any fault associated with divorce. The grounds for divorce are that the marriage [...]

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