Buderim is one of the largest suburbs on the Sunshine Coast and according to www.realestate.com.au it is the most searched property in Queensland. Due to the size of the suburb there are many different precincts with differing values and attributes to each area. Locals refer to areas such as “On Top” which the part of the suburb that runs along the plateau on the top of the ridge. Buderim is one of the oldest suburbs with a long history and a number of heritage listed properties, the main street in the villiage is signified with large jacaranda trees on the streets and plenty of leafy green foliage. Buderim is home to large prestige residences, with elevated views typically towards the ocean or north to Mount Coolum, and is an easy drive to neighbouring Mooloolaba beach. While the perception the Buderim is the preferred place for retirees, in the 2011 census it was found that it was the place that had the most couples with children, making it home to a high concentration of exclusive private schools such Matthew Flinders, Immanuel and Sunshine Coast Grammar, along with a number of state schools.    On top, the air is cooler in Summer than the western slopes and surrounding suburbs despite being only 183 metres from the sea level at the highest point. Homes with a view afford a real premium and homes within walking distance to the Village and the Buderim Mountain School are in high demand. There are still many homes with larger blocks available “on top” but there is a lot of pressure to build duplex and unit developments to accommodate the demand for the Buderim life.  Buderim is consistently one of the best performing suburbs on the Sunshine Coast, no mean feat when competing against beachside and waterfront properties, it’s values have held their own.