Here are 5 reasons why selling in January is the best month of the year to sell on the Sunshine Coast and why we continually get results while the rest of the market is on holidays.  Mark, Michael and Phebe and Madeleine are an award winning team that will help you get the jump on your competition.

1. More Buyers.
There are more buyers looking in January than any other month. (source: due to people being on holidays, job transitions and school transitions.

2. Less Listings and Less Agents
Every year a majority of agents go on holiday during the peak market, leaving you open for a great result without other listings for your property to compete with.  Less listings means more buyers focusing on your home, with increased competition pushing up the price.

3. Lower Days on the Market
Buyers commit to properties faster and more easily as most decision makers are available with time off work. In addition we are dealing with buyers who must purchase at this time of year and thus cannot afford to be as choosy or haggle as much. This leads to faster sales and better prices.

4. More Interstate Buyers
Our unique online marketing targets interstate buyers more effectively. It is important to understand many of these aren’t investors, but families driven by job or school transfers meaning they must buy in time for the new school/work year and often pay a premium. While having extra buyers in the market place is fantastic, it can be wasted if your agent isn’t there to respond when a buyer calls for an inspection.  Last holiday season Mark and Michael did 43 open homes and had 10 contracts written over the Christmas holiday period alone.

5. Marketing is Cheaper
Due to many agents going away, many of our local small business suppliers offer incentive pricing to keep their business afloat while the majority of their clients are on holidays. Many suppliers increase their costs in the new year, so by locking in now, they honour their quoted prices.

Book Now before, most of our suppliers are booking up fast in december.


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